MFI interest rate statistics

Contents of the report

The focus of interest rate statistics is the interest rates applied by domestic banks (MFIs) in Germany and the related volumes of euro-denominated deposits and loans vis-à-vis households and non-financial corporations domiciled in euro-area countries. The interest rate statistical data are collected for outstanding amounts and new business for the instrument categories defined in the reporting templates.

Parties required to report

Domestic banks (MFIs with the exception of money market funds). Interest rate statistics are collected on a sample basis.

Formats of submitting reports

  • XMW XML data format (new standard format)

Methods of submitting reports

  • via ExtraNet

Reporting deadline

The reports for the interest rate statistics must be submitted to the Bundesbank via ExtraNet by the ninth working day after the end of the respective reference month at the latest.


Submission deadlines for interest rate statistics

Reporting monthSubmission deadline
December 20232024-01-12
January 20242024-02-13
February 20242024-03-13
March 20242024-04-12
April 20242024-05-15
May 20242024-06-13
June 20242024-07-11
July 20242024-08-13
August 20242024-09-12
September 20242024-10-14
October 20242024-11-13
November 20242024-12-12
December 20242025-01-14