Monthly balance sheet statistics

Content of the report

Banks’ month-end asset and liability positions in the form of a balance sheet with a supplementary breakdown of the balance sheet items by category, maturity and sector of the respective creditors and debtors.

Parties required to report

Domestic banks (monetary financial institutions)

Format of submitting reports?

  • XMW XML data format (new standard format)

Methods of submitting reports

  • via ExtraNet

Reporting deadline

The sixth business day after the end of the reporting month. 

Submission deadlines for reports relating to Monthly balance sheet statistics
Reporting periodReporting deadlines for domestic banks (MFIs)
November 20232023-12-08
December 20232024-01-09
January 20242024-02-08
February 20242024-03-08
March 20242024-04-09
April 20242024-05-10
May 20242024-06-10
June 20242024-07-08
July 20242024-08-08
August 20242024-09-09
September 20242024-10-09
October 20242024-11-08
November 20242024-12-09
December 20242025-01-09

Disclosure requirements

  • Published in Special Statistical Publication 1 Banking statistics guidelines and customer classification.
  • Examples for the disclosure of value corrections to assets and securities holdings in the monthly balance sheet statistics (These also apply for the borrowers statistics and banks’ external status.)


Report forms

Report forms and reconciliation formulae can be obtained from the Banking statistics forms centre: balance sheet statistics