Securities holdings statistics

Contents of the report

Securities holdings statistics collect securities holder information on sectoral data and group data.

The collection on a sectoral data basis concerns securities deposits which are operated for domestic and foreign depositors (“B safe custody business”) by the institutions required to report. In addition, domestic banks also have to report their own securities portfolios (“A safe custody business”) irrespective of where the securities are being kept in safe custody. The statistics are collected at the end of the month based on a security-by-security reporting system. The reports comprise negotiable bonds and debt securities, negotiable money market paper, shares, participating certificates and investment fund certificates – broken down by economic sector and the customers’ country of origin. Furthermore, the number of customer safe custody accounts are recorded, broken down by economic sector.

Since December 2013, securities holdings statistics also include data on own holdings of securities by selected banking groups (group data). In September 2018, both the number of reporting agents and the reporting content were enhanced.

Institutions required to report

Sectoral data

Domestic banks (monetary financial institutions (MFIs) with the exception of money market funds), domestic investment companies, “other” domestic credit institutions which conduct safe custody business pursuant to section 1 (1), sentence 2, No 5 of the German Banking Act.

Group data

Heads of selected banking groups and selected institutions or financial institutions which are not part of a banking group. Reporting agents have been identified by the ECB’s Governing Council.

Format of submitting reports

  • XMW XML data format (new standard format)

Methods of submitting reports

  • via ExtraNet
  • Nil report (in German only)

Reporting deadline

Reports are to be submitted to the Bundesbank by close of business on the 6th working day following the end of each month, reports on group data by close of business on the 8th working day.

Submission deadlines for securities holding statistics

Reporting dateSectoral dataGroup data
December 20232024‑01‑092024‑01‑11
January 20242024-02-082024-02-12
February 20242024-03-082024-03-12
March 20242024-04-092024-04-11
April 20242024-05-102024-05-14
May 20242024-06-102024-06-12
June 20242024-07-082024-07-10
July 20242024-08-082024-08-12
August 20242024-09-092024-09-11
September 20242024-10-092024-10-11
October 20242024-11-112024-11-13
November 20242024-12-092024-12-11
December 20242025-01-102025-01-14


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