Initial registration in ExtraNet

Various specialised procedures are made available in the Bundesbank’s ExtraNet for the electronic submission of payment and stock reports in data record formats. To complete your initial registration in one of the following specialised procedures, you must first apply for a reporting number. To register, please do not enter your personal address but rather the address of the reporting party. The registration form subsequently generated should be signed and sent to the printed address. This registration form will already contain your user ID. Once the application has been approved, you will be sent a PIN letter containing your password. Your user ID and password authorise you to submit your reports on foreign trade and payments electronically.

Given that registration in ExtraNet is user-specific, we recommend that you register multiple users to act as deputies in case of absence.

If you have already registered for a specialised procedure in ExtraNet, you can use your user ID to register for other procedures via “user administration / secondary registration”.

Please select one of the following specialised procedures for which you would like to register for the first time.