Sigrid Röhrs

Research Interests

  • Theoretical and empirical analysis of banking regulation
  • Quantitative macroeconomics and incomplete markets
  • Fiscal policy and political economics

Refereed Publications

  • Röhrs, S. and C. Winter (2017), Reducing Government Debt in the Presence of Ine-quality, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 82, pp. 1-20.

  • Röhrs, S. (2016), Public Debt in a Political Economy, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 20(5), pp. 1282-1312.

  • Röhrs, S. and C. Winter (2015), Public versus Private Provision of Liquidity: Is There a Tradeoff?, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 53, pp. 314-339.

  • Röhrs, S. and D. Stadelmann (2014), Homeownership, Mobility and Local Income Redistribution, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Vol. 16(4), pp. 569-605.


  • 2014: 8. Mikrozensus-Nutzer-Konferenz "Analysen zur Sozialstruktur und zum sozi-alen Wandel", Mannheim; Society of Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, Toronto; North American Econometric Society Meeting, Minneapolis; European Public Choice Society Meeting, Cambridge; Universität Münster; Bundesbank Workshop "Fiscal Pol-icy and Macroeconomic Performance", Frankfurt (Paper Discussion)

  • 2013: Universität Bayreuth; Universität Gießen

  • 2012: Frankfurt-Mannheim Workshop, Mannheim (Paper Discussion); DIW, Berlin

  • 2011: VI Research in Economic Dynamics Group Workshop, Barcelona; Frankfurt-Mannheim Workshop, Frankfurt; Econometric Society in Europe Annual Meeting, Os-lo; Cologne Macroeconomic Research Group Workshop on Macroeconomics, Köln; University of Konstanz

  • 2010: European Economic Association Annual Meeting, Glasgow; Doctoral Workshop on "Dynamic Macroeconomics", Strasbourg; Swiss Banking Institute, Zürich; ETH Zürich; Goethe-Universität Frankfurt; Universität Fribourg; Studienzentrum Gerzensee; Universität St. Gallen

  • 2009: Conference on Macroeconomics, Globalization, Growth and Development, Zürich; III Workshop on Fiscal Federalism "Financing Sub-Central Governments", Barcelona; PhD Workshop, Fribourg

  • 2008: Young Swiss Economist Meeting, Bern

  • 2006: 26th Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières Colloquium "Money, Finance and Demography- The Consequences of Aging", Lisboa