Foreign affiliates statistics (FATS) Structure and activity

Number of foreign affiliates of German investors

In 2021, foreign corporate units with German investors generated an annual turnover of €2.6 Billion. 

The regional breakdown shows, that 38% of the annual turnover was generated by EU member states. The United States had a share of 20%, China stood in third place with 9%, slightly above the United Kingdom (also 9%).

In 2021, the number of persons employed in foreign affiliates stood at 6.0 million.

Share of the EU workface employed by companies with German participation

Of this figure, 2.5 million was accounted for by enterprises in the European Union (EU). Across all EU countries, the share of employed persons working in German foreign affiliates is 1.2%. German foreign affiliates are especially important for the national labour market of the Czech Republic (share of all employed persons: 5.1%) and Austria (4.4%), in particular. By contrast, the share in Greece is only 0.3%.

The statistics on affiliates controlled by foreign investors (foreign affiliates statistics, FATS) provide information on, inter alia, the number of affiliates, the number of persons employed and turnover, broken down by geographical location and activity. FATS are in conformity with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2007.

The Bundesbank collects data on foreign affiliates controlled by German investors (outward FATS), whereas the Federal Statistical Office provides data on domestic affiliates controlled by foreign investors (inward FATS).