Coin roll producers How to become a business client

Follow these steps

  1. On a PC, fill out the form “Kundendaten-Meldebogen: Münzrollenfertigung” (Customer data reporting form: Coin roll production) (see document on the right) with information about your company.
    You can find guidance for filling out the customer data reporting form on the right-hand side of this page.
  2. Then send us the originals of the signed documents for final processing.

Important information

Please familiarise yourself with our extensive rules on coin roll production before applying for a coin roll producer ID. The relevant information can be found below, under “Further information”.

If you wish to produce coin rolls yourself as a cash handler, you will require a coin roll producer ID assigned by the Bundesbank. You can apply for this ID using the customer data reporting form for coin roll production.

To take advantage of other services offered by the Bundesbank, such as the inpayment of banknotes and coins, you must also apply for a BMS customer number by filling in the customer data reporting form appropriate to your customer group.