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The Deutsche Bundesbank plays a pivotal role in the cash cycle. It not only issues new banknotes and coins but also removes unfit banknotes and coins from circulation.

Banknotes and coins which have become damaged or mutilated or which are suspected of being counterfeits can be submitted to the Bundesbank to be checked for authenticity or eligibility for reimbursement. Further information and an application form for submitting damaged or mutilated banknotes and coins or suspected counterfeit money can be found under the following links.

From the date of issue, interested parties can obtain the freshly minted (standard finish) commemorative and collector’s coins of the Federal Republic of Germany from the Bundesbank, which are issued at their nominal value. However, freshly minted coin sets (standard finish), individual coins and coin sets with a higher quality finish and individual coins with a standard finish, which are not issued at their nominal value (eg €20 and €100 gold coins), can only be obtained from the Münze Deutschland or from commercial coin dealers.

Furthermore, the Bundesbank also offers a wide range of cash services tailored to the needs of business clients and non-business clients. Additional information on our range of services can be found under the respective menu items “for business clients” and “for non-business clients”.