Access to CashEDI Cash Electronic Data Interchange

Registration for the CashEDI specialised prcedure

In order to be able to participate in the specialised procedure for CashEDI, it is necessary to register by filling out the corresponding customer data reporting form (only available in German)

ExtraNet user management

CashEDI is accessed via the ExtraNet. You must be registered in ExtraNet if you wish to use CashEDI. Follow the links below to register new users and to manage registered users.


Access is provided via the ExtraNet, the Bundesbank's e-business platform. ExtraNet is a high-performance infrastructure based on internet technology. It is straightforward, easy to use and tailored to meet the various needs of our customers. To take part in CashEDI, you will need to register for the ExtraNet. A dedicated domain is available for this purpose. Use of the ExtraNet is free of charge.

Once you have registered there are two ways in which you can gain access. These are:


If you do not have personal access to an IT system you can use a regular PC equipped with the standard software (operating system and browser) in order to participate in CashEDI. WebEDI allows you to record lodgement notifications and place cash orders on-line via a Bundesbank web page. You can access status reports at any time. These show whereabouts in the processing chain your lodgement or cash order is. Actual data exchange is achieved using fixed data protocols in line with EANCOM standards. WebEDI does not feature all CashEDI functions.


If you have personal access to an IT system and would like to transfer the lodgement and withdrawal data stored there to the Bundesbank without any breaks in the media, you can make a direct connection between your IT system and the ExtraNet and initiate a data exchange using the file transfer option. This, in turn, enables the rapid and automated onward processing of return messages from the Bundesbank branches in your own system. The file transfer solution includes the complete range of functions offered by CashEDI.

If your data storage is managed by an IT service provider, the provider may also receive an ExtraNet connection.

Access to file transfer