DEM banknotes BBK3 series

From 1 January 2002, euro banknotes and coins are legal tender in all EU member states participating in monetary union. This has nullified the legal tender status of all payment media denominated in Deutsche Mark.

Below you will find information on and images of Deutsche Mark banknotes.

5 DEM banknotes, BBK3 series

5 Deutsche Mark (1991) - obverse
5 Deutsche Mark (1991) - reverse

Size122 x 62mm
Front sideBettina von Armin (1785-1859), writer. In the background, a picture of Wiepesdorf castle and historic buildings of Berlin.
Reverse sideBrandenburg Gate
First issued27 October 1992

10 DEM banknotes, BBK3 series

10 Deutsche Mark (1999) - obverse
10 Deutsche Mark (1999) - reverse

Size130 x 65mm
Front sideCarl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855), mathematician, astronomer, geodesist and physicist. In the background, buildings from historic Göttingen.
Reverse sideA sextant, like the one Gauss used for measuring.
First issued16 April 1991

20 DEM banknotes, BBK3 series

20 Deutsche Mark (1991) - obverse
20 Deutsche Mark (1991) - reverse

Size138 x 68mm
Front sideAnnette von Droste-Hülshoff (1797-1848), poet. In the background, historic buildings of the town of Meersburg.
Reverse sideA quill and a Beech Tree, referred to in Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's short novel "Die Judenbuche" (Jews' Beech Tree).
First issued30 March 1992

50 DEM banknotes, BBK3a series

50 Deutsche Mark (1991) - obverse
50 Deutsche Mark (1991) - reverse

ColourOlive brown
Size146 x 71mm
Front sideBalthasar Neumann (1687-1753), baroque architect. In the background, historic buildings from the town of Würzburg.
Reverse sidePartial view of the stairway of the Würzburg residence and side-view of the St Benedict abbey church in Neresheim.
First issued30 September 1991

100 DEM banknotes, BBK3a series

100 Deutsche Mark (1996) - obverse
100 Deutsche Mark (1996) - reverse

Size154 x 74mm
Front sideClara Schumann (1819-1896), pianist and composer. In the background, buildings from historic Leipzig.
Reverse sideA grand piano and the Hoch Conservatorium in Frankfurt where Clara Schumann taught for four years.
First issued01 October 1990

200 DEM banknotes, BBK3a series

200 Deutsche Mark (1996) - obverse
200 Deutsche Mark (1996) - reverse

Size162 x 77mm
Front sidePaul Ehrlich (1854-1915), doctor and serologist. In the background, historic buildings from the city of Frankfurt.
Reverse sideA microscope, used frequently by Paul Ehrlich in his work.
First issued01 October 1990

500 DEM banknotes, BBK3 series

500 Deutsche Mark (1991) - obverse
500 Deutsche Mark (1991) - reverse

Size170 x 80mm
Front sideMaria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717), painter, copper engraver and natural scientist. In the background, buildings from historical Nuremburg.
Reverse sideA dandelion, with the caterpillar and butterfly of the Pale Tussock Moth.
First issued27 October 1992

1000 DEM banknotes, BBK3 series

1000 Deutsche Mark (1991) - obverse
1000 Deutsche Mark (1991) - reverse

Size178 x 83mm
Front sideWilhelm (1786-1859) and Jacob Grimm (1785-1863), linguists and collectors of German folklore. In the background, historic buildings from the city of Kassel.
Reverse sideThe "German dictionary" and the "Royal Library" in Berlin, one of the domains of the Grimm Brothers.
First issued27 October 1992