DM money

Exchanging DM for euro

Until further notice, the exchange of DM into Euro is only possible by post via the Mainz branch.

In certain cases, foreign banknotes and coins may be exchanged in their country of origin (see “Foreign banknotes and coins”).

The official exchange rate is set at EUR 1 for DEM 1.95583.

We accept the following banknotes and coins for exchange.

  • Banknotes issued by the Bank deutscher Länder (BdL)
  • Bundesbank banknotes and
  • Federal coins denominated in Deutsche Mark or Pfennig

We no longer accept the following banknotes and coins for exchange.

  • 50 Mark BdL note II (green), issued in 1948
    You may submit this banknote together with an application for reimbursement to the Deutsche Bundesbank’s National Analysis Centre at the Regional Office in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland or to any other Bundesbank branch.
  • DM 2 coin, first issue (minting date 1951)
  • Banknotes and coins issued prior to 20 June 1948

We also accept DM banknotes and coins submitted for exchange by post. Please note that the Deutsche Bundesbank cannot accept any liability for money lost on the way to us.

Please ask your delivery service provider whether and how cash (especially coins) can be sent and how to correctly pack , declare and, if necessary, insure your cash.

Any DM cash that you wish to submit by post can be sent to the Bundesbank’s Mainz branch directly. The Deutsche Bundesbank will not send any written confirmation about the receipt of individual shipments, except the type of shipment requires it. We appreciate your understanding that because of the rush of orders we need for processing approximately twenty business days. Within this time period the Deutsche Bundesbank will not answer any requests for the duration of processing. We kindly ask for your patience and your understanding.

If you wish to send us DM cash with an equivalent value of €15.000,00  (~ DM 29.337,45) or more, please contact us in advance by telephone or e-mail. We will then let you know what information and documentation we initially require to process your application.

Please send us

  • a completed version of the “Exchange DM-EUR” application form (see below)
  • an the cash you wish to exchange.

The equivalent in euro of the DM cash established by the Bundesbank will be paid out using the method of payment indicated in the “Exchange DM-EUR” application form. This form can be filled out on screen and then printed out.The completed form cannot be saved.

The Deutsche Bundesbank will only issue a notification in writing if the exchange application cannot be processed, or only partially processed.