DM money

Exchanging DM for euro

You can exchange unlimited amounts of Deutsche Mark banknotes and coins indefinitely and free of charge at all Bundesbank branches (information about the branches can be found at the link below).

We accept the following banknotes and coins for exchange:

  • banknotes issued by the Bank deutscher Länder (BdL);
  • banknotes issued by the Bundesbank;
  • Federal coins denominated in Deutsche Mark or Pfennig.

The official exchange rate is €1 = DEM 1.95583.

Please note the following:

  • We no longer accept the following banknotes and coins for exchange:
    • DEM 2 coin, first issue (minting date 1951);
    • banknotes and coins issued prior to 20 June 1948;
    • 50 Mark BdL note II (green), issued in 1948 (this banknote may be submitted together with an application for reimbursement to the Bundesbank’s National Analysis Centre at the Regional Office in Mainz or to any other Bundesbank branch).
  • In certain cases, foreign banknotes and coins may still be exchanged in their country of origin (see “Foreign exchange”).

It is also possible to exchange Deutsche Mark banknotes and coins by sending them to the Mainz branch by post. Please send the cash you wish to exchange with a completed copy of the application form “Exchange DM-EUR” (see below) to the address given on the application form.

The amount of Deutsche Mark cash determined by the Bundesbank will be converted into euro at the aforementioned exchange rate and this euro amount will be transferred to the bank account indicated in the application form. Please make sure to provide your IBAN correctly.

It may take some time to process individual consignments due to the large volume of incoming submissions and the complex processing methods required in some cases. We ask for your understanding in this regard and request that you refrain from enquiring about the status of processing.

Please note:

  • If you wish to send us Deutsche Mark cash with an equivalent value of €15,000.00 (~ DEM 29,337.45) or more, please contact us in advance by telephone or email. We will then let you know what information and documentation we require to process your application.
  • The Bundesbank accepts no liability for cash lost in the post. Please ask your delivery service provider whether and how cash (especially coins) can be sent and how to correctly pack, declare and, if necessary, insure your cash.
  • The Bundesbank exchanges only Deutsche Mark banknotes and coins for euro here. Therefore, please make sure your consignment does not include any other banknotes or coins (for instance, euro commemorative coins from other participating Member States that are legal tender only in their respective country of issuance, as well as test coins (“specimens”) from the Bundesbank, cannot be exchanged for euro).

The Bundesbank does not confirm receipt of individual consignments unless the delivery method expressly requires this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.