2016 - Saxony

German 2 Euro commemorative coin "Saxony"

The design shows a view of the Kronentor ("Crown Gate") from the inner courtyard of the Zwinger Palace in Dresden, giving a very clear impression of the characteristic design of the baroque gardens. The depiction of spatial depth leading up to the architectural facade is particularly impressive.

The inclusion of the gardens as an integral part of the overall design is especially compelling. The relief is, at the same time, clear and very fine. Much thought has gone into the coin's design, which succeeds in creating a horizontal focus on the west wing, clearly revealing the structural characteristics of an orangery. The text and year have been arranged in such a way that they integrate harmoniously into the overall composition.

Also included in the design is the name "SACHSEN" (Saxony) and issuing country code "D" for Germany at the bottom of the coin, the mint mark of the respective mint ("A", "D", "F", "G" or "J") and the engraver's mark (the initials "JT" for Jordi Truxa) at the top right as well as the year "2016" at the top left. The outer ring of the coin features the 12 stars of the EU flag.

The coin is to be placed into circulation on 5 February 2016, with 30 million units to be issued for circulation at a time.