€2 commemorative coin “100th anniversary of the birth of Helmut Schmidt”

2018 – 100th anniversary of the birth of Helmut Schmidt

The German government has decided to mint a €2 commemorative coin to mark the “100th anniversary of the birth of Helmut Schmidt”, to be issued as of 30th January 2018. The coin pays tribute to the political achievements of statesman and former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Schmidt (1918-2015), who was born 100 years ago in 1918.

The national side (picture side) of the coin was designed by artist Bodo Broschat from Berlin.

The jury explained their decision as follows: “This coin pays tribute to Helmut Schmidt's political achievements on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth. The motif stands out thanks to its extraordinarily vivid portrayal of the subject. Helmut Schmidt appears in a familiar stance; he is in dialogue with a counterpart. His portrait is sensitively and finely modelled. The coin's design underscores the presence of this outstanding statesman.”

The common European side of the coins (reverse side) and the technical parameters are the same as on any regular issue €2 coin, as is the inscription “EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT” (unity, justice and freedom), which is embossed on the coin edge, and the stylised federal eagle.

The envisaged minting volume for this circulating coin is 30 million. It is legal tender throughout the euro area.