€10 collectors’ coin “On land”

2020 – On land €10 collectors’ coin with a red bronze outer ring

This coin is the second in the three-part “Air Moves” series, which focuses on dynamic new sports in which participants are propelled solely by the force of the air or the wind.

The €10 collectors’ coin “On land” has a cupronickel inner core, a red bronze outer ring and a translucent polymer ring between the two metal components. It weighs 9.8 g and will be available both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish.

The coin was designed by the Berlin-based artist Andre Witting.

The picture side features land sailing, a sport which finds its home where land meets water. The design distils the key elements of this sport. In very elegant and simple forms, a sand yacht is depicted in a broad, open landscape.

The reverse features an eagle framed by the words “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND”, the value and denomination, the year 2020, the twelve stars of Europe and the mint mark “A” (Berlin), “D” (Munich), “F” (Stuttgart), “G” (Karlsruhe) or “J” (Hamburg), depending on where the coin was minted.

The coin edge is smooth and unstructured.

The mint condition coins were brought into circulation at their face value (€10) by the Deutsche Bundesbank.