5 Euro collectors' coin “subpolar climate zone” with a turquoise ring

2020 – Subpolar climate zone €5 collectors’ coin with a turquoise polymer ring

The German government has decided to mint a €5 collectors’ coin “Subpolar climate zone” with a turquoise polymer ring, scheduled to be issued in September 2020. This coin is the fourth in the five-part “Climate zones of the Earth” series, which is set to run from 2017 to 2021 with one coin issued per year.

Natalie Tekampe, an artist from the town of Egenhofen, Germany, designed the picture side of the coin. The reverse side design, which features on all of the coins in this series, was created by artist Stefanie Radtke from Leipzig.

On the picture side, the vastness of the subpolar landscape is expertly captured in the composition. The barrenness of the coastal tundra is vividly shown. The reindeer is characteristic of the climate zone. The erosion channels of subarctic mountain ranges that typify the region are skilfully depicted. In the background of the landscape, the influence of man is carefully but visibly addressed.

The reverse features an eagle framed by the words “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND”, the value and denomination, the year 2020, the twelve stars of Europe and the mint mark “A” (Berlin), “D” (Munich), “F” (Stuttgart),“G” (Karlsruhe) or “J” (Hamburg), depending on where the coin was minted. Its smooth edge is embossed with the name of the series, “KLIMAZONEN DER ERDE” (“Climate zones of the Earth”).

The €5 coin “Subpolar climate zone” consists of two different cupronickel alloys and a translucent polymer ring. It weighs 9 grams and will be available both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish.

The mint condition coins were be brought into circulation at their face value (€5) by the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The issue price of the collector's quality coins with a proof-like finish was higher than their nominal value, sold by the German Sales Agency for Collectors' Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Source: Federal Ministry of Finance