Participant information

End of November 2023, the Governing Council of the ECB decided to postpone the launch of the ECMS by additional eight months. The new start is now 18 November 2024.

Virtual training and information events

In order to prepare its monetary policy counterparties optimally for the future use of the ECMS, the Deutsche Bundesbank regularly conducts training courses and information events on specific topics.

The basis for the training courses held in 2023 was the virtual basic training course on the ECMS in November/December 2022, which covered the main functionalities and documentation of the ECMS. Building on this, the Deutsche Bundesbank offered its counterparties specialised training courses in February and March 2023 focusing on the topics of "Access & GUI" and "Reference data". From July to September 2023, three virtual training courses took place on the topic of "Collateral Management for Counterparties" as part of the ECMS. Among other things, these training courses focused on giving an overall overview of a counterparty pool as well as on providing information of the collateral position and credit position. Further training courses on the topics of "Corporate Action" and "Reporting" are planned for 2024. 

In addition, virtual info sessions on the ECMS were conducted in June and July 2023, covering the topics from the ECMS Focus Session of the ECB on June 12. The Deutsche Bundesbank provided central bank-specific insights into "User Testing", "Migration" and the "Preparation status of the German market" for the connection to the - then still current - start of operations in April 2024.

Previous events included information events in March 2022 and November 2020, where various aspects such as connection and access options, functionalities, test activities and migration in connection with ECMS were explained for the first time. 

You can download the presentations for the events at the bottom of the page.

Virtual exchange platform "ECMS Customer Forum User Testing"

Since September 2023, the Deutsche Bundesbank has also provided its counterparties with a virtual exchange platform on which the institutions can interact on test-related issues and thus benefit from the experience of others. If you are interested in participating in the next event, please let us know as early as possible.

Monday, 11 March, 2024
10:00–11:00 AM
virtual event (Webex)

Virtual Info Session on ECMS in February 2024

The info session will tie in with the topics covered in the ECMS Focus Session of the ECB on 24 January 2024. In this event, the Bundesbank would like to provide you with further information on the planning and updated project plan the user testing, and the migration in regards of the go-live date of the ECMS in November 2024.

Wednesday, 14 February, 2024
09:00–11:30 AM
virtual event (Webex)

The presentation for the ECMS info session will be available for download at the end of the page after the meetings took place. 

Virtual ECMS specialist training course "Corporate actions"

In February and March of this year, we are offering our counterparties two training sessions with the same content on the subject of corporate actions (CA). The training sessions will focus on the main CA basic concepts (definition, actors, lifecycle) and CA standards (news, events, workflow). In addition, participants learn how CA events are processed in the ECMS as a whole and in the individual phases of the CA lifecycle.

Thursday, 29 February 2024
10:0012:00 AM
virtual event (Webex)
Thursday, 7 March 2024
10:0012:00 AM
virtual event (Webex)

The presentation for the ECMS specialist training course will be available for download under the category “training sessions” of this page after the events took place. The virtual event will be held in German.