Sabine Mauderer and Joachim Nagel ©Tim Wegner / VG Bildkunst, Bonn 2022

Bundesbank signs Diversity Charter

The Bundesbank has joined 25 national central banks and supervisory authorities as well as the ECB in signing the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter (Diversity Charter) of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). The signatory institutions to this charter commit themselves to the three fundamental values of equality, diversity and inclusion and document their willingness to make further efforts towards progress in these fields.

“I am committed to advancing diversity and an open-minded working culture at the Bundesbank. Equality, diversity and inclusion are core values for our institution”, said Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel on the occasion of the publication of the Charter by the ECB. He and Executive Board member Sabine Mauderer already signed the document on behalf of the Bundesbank at the end of May. "By signing the ESCB & SSM Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter, the Bundesbank is doubling down on its promise to embrace the power of being different,” Mr Nagel said. Ms Mauderer, whose remit at the Bundesbank includes human resources, added that “I firmly believe that the Bundesbank will benefit from diversity – be it in terms of people’s ethnic background, gender identity or age, or based on their unique set of experiences and skills. We will follow through on our commitment to building a truly diverse, inclusive and equitable working culture – even though there is still some way to go.