Signaris building in Frankfurt ©Nils Thies

Directorate General Banking and Financial Supervision reorganised

The Directorate General Banking and Financial Supervision has been restructured with effect from 3 April 2023. Instead of five divisions and two strategic offices, the new organisational structure consists of nine divisions. 

It is now more clearly aligned with the shared tasks and organisational structure of the ECB and BaFin as well as the banking supervision units at the Bundesbank’s regional offices in order to facilitate cooperation among them. In particular, the divisions “Principles and Coordination Off-Site Supervision/Reporting” and “On-site Inspections/Internal Risk Models” will strengthen the coordination and service role the Bundesbank’s Central Office plays for the regional divisions. 

By creating the new divisions “Digital Transformation of Supervision” and “Innovation and Evaluation”, the Bundesbank is also keeping abreast of future issues such as sustainability, support for innovation, and digitalisation. The restructuring will not have any impact on the number of positions overall.