The Bundesbank presents film awards at the Frankfurt Book Fair

The Deutsche Bundesbank presented awards to the winners of its video competition at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The competition focused on the question: "What does stability mean for you?"

First place

From a large pool of submissions, the Bundesbank jury selected four films in which young people explain what stability means to them personally. A team of 15 to 16-year-old filmmakers from the Wilhelm Raabe School in Lüneburg took first place. The jury was particularly impressed by the fact that the winning video even included an empirical study.

The students in 15-year-old Ole Hoek’s team found out about the competition on YouTube. They utilised the survey function of their school’s server to ask their classmates what stability means for them. 93.3% of the 255 survey participants chose "support from family and friends" out of the possible answers. However, almost every second participant felt it was important "that money does not lose its value".

"To me, stability means Germany"

Second place

A group of young filmmakers from Berlin, led by Max Noack and Vanessa Kiele, were awarded second place. "Having a stable foundation in life (...) getting the best out of yourself" was the team’s conclusion once it had explored the topic of stability. The jury acknowledged the effort made in using many different filming locations, as well as the project’s focus on important questions the young directors have for the future.

Third place

Frankfurt students Ardiana Dacic and Sabrina Pölle came in third place with their highly personal understanding of stability. Germany itself is the epitome of stability for 17-year-old Ardiana Dacic, who moved to Frankfurt from Montenegro in 2011.

Special price

The jury awarded a special prize to Düsseldorf filmmaker Kuesti Fraun, impressed by his humorous approach to the project. The shortest competition entry speaks for itself:

Children’s quiz

The Bundesbank presented its wide range of publications at its stand, and its staff were on hand to answer the questions of citizens keen to learn more. At the weekend in particular, a number of children also visited the stand, and took part in a small competition to test their knowledge of money. Like last year, there was a lot of interest in the talks about counterfeit money again in 2017. On the occasion of its anniversary year, the Bundesbank also showed films focusing on 60 years of monetary history.