Entrepreneur at a production line in the company ©Franziska & Tom Werner / Getty Images

Third survey on the expectations of enterprises in Germany

As part of a pilot study, the Bundesbank is launching a third survey of enterprises to find out about their assessments and expectations during the coronavirus crisis. Again, the survey contains questions on the economic situation, but this time it also asks about the future path of inflation and assessments of climate policy issues. Results from the first round – which took place from 18 June to 28 July 2020 – are available on the Bundesbank’s web pages about the survey.

The survey and the questionnaire were designed and prepared by the Bundesbank’s Research Centre; forsa, a public opinion research firm, has been commissioned with conducting the survey. Responses to the questions are evaluated in effectively anonymised form only. The results do not allow any inferences to be made about which enterprise has provided which data.