Visitors flock in their thousands to gather their own impressions of the Bundesbank

The Bundesbank celebrated its 60th anniversary by throwing open its doors in Frankfurt am Main for an open day on 1 and 2 July. Around 28,000 visitors eager to gather their own impressions of the Bundesbank flocked to the bank’s Central Office and Regional Office in Hesse. Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann bid visitors a warm welcome to the bank’s Central Office in the Bockenheim area of Frankfurt, while Diana Rutzka-Hascher, president of the Regional Office in Hesse, did likewise at the Taunusanlage campus in the city centre.

Regional Office

A rich and varied outreach programme, complete with multimedia “jubilee path”, invited visitors to find out more about the Bundesbank’s 60 years of history, while numerous information stands dotted around the premises shed light on the broad range of tasks which Germany’s central bank currently performs.

Up close and personal with the President

One of the open day’s highlights was undoubtedly the Bundesbank President's Q&A sessions on Saturday and Sunday, in which visitors had the opportunity to put their very own questions on topics like monetary policy, financial stability or banking supervision to Jens Weidmann himself. Guided tours of the bank’s offices, which even let visitors take a peek into the President's office on the 12th floor of Central Office, were another popular attraction.

Central Office

Visitors young and old were captivated by the gold bars they were invited to touch and lift, just as they had been at the bank’s first open day three years ago. A new attraction at Central Office this year was the opportunity to see a large money processing machine in action as it checked banknotes for authenticity. Visitors also found out for themselves how to easily spot counterfeit currency. The dog section of the Federal police force, meanwhile, dazzled visitors with an action-packed display of their unique line of work.

Something for everyone

Besides providing visitors with a wide array of information, the bank also kept everyone entertained. Bands like Fresh Music Live, Groundtown 99 and Fayette took to the stage at both of the bank’s Frankfurt offices, while a rich variety of food trucks catered for every taste.

Visitors were invited to take home a lasting memento of their impressions of the Bundesbank – a personalised photo album into which they could stick photos taken by mobile phone during the open day and printed off using the photo printers provided.