Tom D Holden

Research Interests

  • Monetary Economics
  • Business Cycles
  • Endogenous Growth
  • Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models
  • Macroeconomic Theory

Refereed Publications

  • Holden, T. D., P. Levine and J. Swarbrick (2018), “Reconciling Jaimovich-Rebello Preferences, Habit in Consumption and Labour Supply”, Economics Letters, Vol. 168, pp. 132-137.

Working Papers

  • Holden, T. D., P. Levine and J. M. Swarbrick (2017), “Credit Crunches from Occasionally Binding Bank Borrowing Constraints”, Staff Working Papers 17-57, Bank of Canada.
  • Holden, T. (2012), “Medium-frequency cycles and the remarkable near trend-stationarity of output”, School of Economics Discussion Papers 1412, School of Economics, University of Surrey.
  • Holden, T. and M. Paetz (2012), “Efficient Simulation of DSGE Models with Inequality Constraints”, Quantitative Macroeconomics Working Papers 21207b, Hamburg University, Department of Economics.
  • Holden, T. (2010), “Products, patents and productivity persistence: A DSGE model of endogenous growth”, Economics Series Working Papers 512, University of Oxford, Department of Economics.

Other Publications

  • Holden, T. (2017), “Universal Basic Income as a tool for tax and benefit reform”, Social Liberal Forum Publication, Number 8 (also published in “Four go in search of big ideas”, edited by Helen Flynn).