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German economic output down


Economic output in Germany declined in the first quarter of this year, according to the latest edition of the Bundesbank’s Monthly Report. Many services sectors suffered larger losses than in the previous quarter due to containment measures being tightened and prolonged. In addition, the upturn in industrial output was not sustained in the first two months.

German economic output down
Flying sparks caused by metal processing
Weidmann: Financing terms should evolve in line with economic recovery


Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann says financing conditions play a crucial role on the road to price stability, but there’s more to it than just glancing at the indicators. If those indicators flag changes, he states, the job of central banks is to analyse exactly how those changes came about. “I believe that financing terms should be able to evolve in line with the economic recovery in the euro area. It’s not a matter of using monetary policy to cement a particular interest rate level,” Mr Weidmann said in a speech delivered virtually in Frankfurt.

Weidmann: Financing terms should evolve in line with economic recovery
Speech by Jens Weidmann
German debt ratio up in 2020 to 70.0%


In the year that the coronavirus pandemic began, general government debt in Germany was up by €275 billion to €2.332 trillion. The debt ratio, meaning the ratio of debt to gross domestic product, rose from 59.7% to 70.0% in 2020, which is the sharpest increase in the debt ratio within the space of a year since German reunification.

German debt ratio up in 2020 to 70.0%
Current figure: Maastricht debt ratio
New NGFS report outlines measures to address climate risk


The Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) has released its latest report, entitled “Adapting central bank operations to a hotter world”, which outlines specific options available to central banks to factor climate-related risks into their monetary policy operations. Bundesbank Executive Board member Sabine Mauderer called the report a milestone.

New NGFS report outlines measures to address climate risk
Statement by Sabine Mauderer on the new NGFS report
Ein Telefonhörer mit einem Warnhinweis
Beware of fraudulent calls
Sabine Mauderer
Europe needs to embrace a fresh investment culture
Trigger solutation
DLT-based securities settlement in central bank money successfully tested
Bundesbank Executive Board member Burkhard Balz during the virtual symposium
Reliable memory: Historical Archives celebrate 50th anniversary
Startbild zum Video des Geldmuseums zum Thema Vögel und Geldpolitik
Who is it that beeps?
Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann and Executive Board member Johannes Beermann are presenting the Bundesbank’s Annual Report 2018
Bundesbank without profit in 2020
Image of the video on the Household Inflation Expectation Survey
What are households expecting?
Euro reference rate of the ECB to the US dollar
Interest rates
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