Accounting for banking supervisors Course level II

Application deadline

18 August 2023


The treatment of financial instruments within the accounting framework of IAS/IFRS is of particular interest for banking supervisors, who – in general – do not have an educational background as accountants. Nevertheless, the financial crisis revealed a particular weakness in banking supervision in this area. The course will cover both the old and new standards and their implications for banking supervisors. Participants in this course will gain insight into the general construction of the most common financial instruments, with particular emphasis on how they are combined to create more advanced forms of financial investments. Another focus of this seminar will be the risk structure of financial instruments and its impact on the accounting treatment. The latest IFRS developments align the accounting regulations with the requirements of Basel II and III; the course will also examine how this alignment is achieved in practice.


  • Forms and risk structure of financial instruments as currently traded throughout the world
  • Accounting treatment according to IAS 32 and 39 (the “old world”)
  • Accounting treatment according to IFRS 9 (the “new world”)
  • Hedge accounting according to IAS 39 and IFRS 9
  • Impairment under IFRS 9 and the Basel Framework

Target group

Mid to senior-level banking supervisors from central banks and supervisory authorities.

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