Central bank communication

Deadline for application

10 May 2024


Transparency and communication are crucial for central banks’ credibility and the effectiveness of their policies. In order to foster credibility, central banks need to increase their transparency. They can achieve this by engaging in clear communication, producing focused messages aimed at different target audiences using appropriate communication channels.

This course provides an overview of the Bundesbank’s external communication work within the Eurosystem. It sheds light on the concepts, channels and content of our central bank communications. Participants will learn how the Bundesbank communicates with the press and the general public whilst also touching upon the educational services we offer schools. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience a guided tour of the Bundesbank’s money museum.

As good internal communication is a key driving force behind employee engagement, the course will also deal with different approaches and formats used for internal communication at the Bundesbank and the evaluation of said communication. Participants will gain insight into how the Bundesbank fosters communication between top management and employees as well as communication within peer groups. 

In addition, the course will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences and discuss best practices in the field of central bank communication.


  • Media relations and media evaluation
  • Communication with citizens
  • Communication via social media and the Bundesbank’s website
  • Internal communication (direct communication formats) and internal media (staff magazine; social intranet; electronic newsletter)
  • Political communication
  • Economic education
  • Employee attitude survey
  • AI in translation and how it helps central banks

Target group

The course is aimed at central bank staff working in the area of central bank communication (public relations, press office, etc.) or actively dealing with communication issues in other areas of their institutions. Applicants should be willing to share their experiences and actively contribute to discussions during the course.

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