Economic education – the role of central banks Online expert panel

Deadline for application

26 April 2024


In the past few years and especially in the wake of the financial crisis, many educational initiatives have been launched across the globe to improve the general public’s financial competence and economic knowledge. Government bodies, central banks, membership organisations (e.g. consumer protection organisations) and other institutions have made considerable efforts to enhance the public’s understanding of macroeconomics and make them more aware of money and financial issues.

Central banks around the world have devoted significant resources to fostering economic education, including the Bundesbank, whose range of educational services available to the public is designed to impart basic knowledge in the areas of money, currency and central banking as part of its general economic activities. The aim of these services is to give both young people and the public at large an opportunity to understand and appreciate the importance of a stable currency and the Bundesbank’s long-term commitment to stability.

This expert panel is geared towards sharing experience and providing a forum for central bankers from around the world to present their strategies in the area of economic education.


  • Economic education: concepts, goals and target groups
  • Why do central banks support economic education?
  • Economic educational activities offered by the Bundesbank
  • Economic education programmes that work – experience sfrom different providers

Target group

The expert panel is aimed at central bankers as well as regulators and supervisors with expertise in the area of economic education. Applicants should be well versed in their own institution’s approach to economic education, and are expected to make an active contribution to discussions. Participants will be invited to give a presentation relating to their field of expertise or their institution’s experience in this area.

In this context, it would also aid the discussion if participants could address the question of whether or not a central bank should focus its efforts on promoting financial literacy and, if so, on what legal basis.

Technical requirements

Computer with microphone, camera, speakers or headphones; an up-to-date internet browser.

Registration deadline expired.