Introduction to cash management

Deadline for application

30 August 2024


Participants will learn about the tasks of a modern central bank in the field of cash management, the changing environment and the efforts for combating counterfeit money. They will be expected to take an active part in discussions and group work and to exchange their opinions and views during the course, networking with fellow colleagues worldwide.


  • The role of a modern central bank in the cash cycle
  • Cash management with the help of IT solutions
  • Issuance policy for banknotes and coins, cash requirement planning
  • How to process cash in adjustment to//line with the development of a country
  • Cash recycling outside the central bank – solution or threat?
  • Combating counterfeit money
  • How to deal with damaged money
  • Visit to the Bundesbank’s Munich branch
  • Visit to the Service Center for the Automation of Cash Processing in Munich

Target group

The course is designed for professionals involved in issuing and processing banknotes and coins or dealing with counterfeit money as well as those relatively new to these tasks or wanting to expand their knowledge – especially in developing countries and emerging economies. Participants should have some background in cash management.

Registration deadline: 30. August 2024, 23:59 p.m.