Issuance of banknotes and coins – policy and operations (with regard to the euro area) Online course

Application deadline

14 January 2023


Participants in this online course will gain a broad overview of all aspects of cash management specific to banknotes and coins. The online course will also serve as a convenient forum for an initial exchange of expert views from central bankers worldwide.


  • Issuance of euro cash and responsibilities for banknotes and coins in Europe and in Germany
  • Banknotes and coins used in the cash cycle
  • Euro banknotes and coins in circulation – current situation
  • Forecasting demand
  • Banknote printing
  • Innovative new coin products
  • Cash recycling/common rules
  • Cash processing machines in use
  • Ergonomical and efficient approaches for operating
  • Challenges for the future

Target group

This online course is aimed at those new to roles in central bank cash departments who would like to start by gaining an overview of the field through to more experienced participants wishing to expand their knowledge and learn about the approach taken in Europe, including a close look at the example of the Bundesbank.

Technical requirements

Computer with microphone, camera, speakers or headphones; a current internet browser.

Registration deadline expired.