Machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data – the perspective of central banks Expert panel

Deadline for application

12 July 2024


Machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are currently among the most powerful and dynamic innovative developments in the financial sector. This presents challenges for statistics in general and for central banks in particular, inter alia: for instance, what role do data play in the decision-making process, and why is it crucial to handle them correctly? How do central banks deal with such developments when data volumes are currently growing so fast?

The expert panel aims to address such issues. It will provide a forum for central bankers from across the globe to present the strategies they use to develop their data collection and analysis methods as well as facilitating an exchange of knowledge between countries on this increasingly important topic.


  • Intelligent systems: challenges and limitations
  • Collection, analysis and use of big data
  • Data governance and management
  • Case studies from central bankers, regulators and supervisors as well as other industries
  • Data protection and data access issues

Target group

The expert panel is aimed at central bankers as well as regulators and supervisors with an interest in helping develop best practices in big data mining and management. Participants will be expected to make an active contribution to the discussions and will be invited to present and discuss current issues in machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data in their own jurisdiction.

Registration deadline: 12. July 2024, 23:59 p.m.