Extension of MoU with Kenya School of Monetary Studies

William Nyagaka and Burkhard Balz ©Eugen Töws
William Nyagaka and Burkhard Balz

The Bundesbank has reaffirmed its cooperation with the Central Bank of Kenya and its Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS). On 12 May in Nairobi, Executive Board member Burkhard Balz, together with William Nyagaka, Director of KSMS, signed the extension of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that has existed since 2007.

The first MoU provided a formal framework in 2007 for the good bilateral relationship that had already existed between the two institutions for many years. Since then, seminars have been held regularly at KSMS in Nairobi, and there are plans for both on-site seminars as well as virtual courses to be held in future.

KSMS was founded in 1997 and offers specialised training programmes in the fields of banking, finance and economics. It is based in Nairobi just like the central bank itself.

Text: Martine Niederkorn

Photo: Eugen Töws