Group photo ©Ralf Hannemann

International central bank dialogue with the Reserve Bank of Malawi

An international exchange of views, experiences and opinions can help to reach better solutions. It was with this aim in mind that Dr Wilson T. Banda, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, contacted the Bundesbank and sent three of the Bank’s Executive Board members and their office manager to Frankfurt am Main in November 2022.

As part of a two-day workshop, the Malawian guests exchanged views on current issues with expert advisors Dr Thomas Goswin (accounting), Marcus Haas (banking supervision), Thomas Langer (cash management), Dr Martin Pontzen (central banking) and Frank Elster, an expert from the human resources department.

The workshop focused specifically on the central bank’s role in supervision and the supply of cash, as well as its relationship with the government and the banks in this context – ultimately, the legal framework that determines the bank’s objectives, powers, obligations and responsibilities. However, accounting and budgetary issues (IAS) as well as the development of local bond markets in domestic currency were also discussed. The workshop closed with a round table on topics relating to human resources management.

The event entailed an intense exchange of ideas and experience and is sure to be repeated. Our colleagues from Malawi expressed their gratitude for the valuable suggestions and felt that the knowledge exchanged would be useful in establishing guidelines for the future orientation of their central bank.

Text: Thomas Langer
Photo: Ralf Hannemann