CIC Newsletter November 2022 International Central Bank Dialogue (CIC)


Dear subscriber,

The second half of 2022 has also seen numerous meetings again being held with colleagues from central banks around the world. We are pleased that such exchanges are again increasingly taking place in person. Nevertheless, we also recognise that virtual events have their place. Our focus is on getting the right balance between in-person and online meetings, depending on the purpose of the event and the countries involved.

Why not take a few moments now to have a look at the international central banking courses we are offering in 2023? Registrations are now open. With our ad hoc “Current Focus” format, we also offer an opportunity to exchange views on current topics at events scheduled at shorter notice. It’s worth checking out our website regularly to stay up to date.

In this newsletter, you will also find out more about the extension of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Bank of Namibia, the successful launch of the EU-funded follow-up project with the Western Balkans, the new deputy head of our Representative Office in New York and two bilateral activities with the central banks of Malawi and South Korea.