Seminarteilnehmer ©Jan Eckert

Start of registrations for new international central banking courses in 2023

The courses we put on are aimed at facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise with other central banks, thereby contributing to the promotion of economic and financial stability – and 2023 will be no different. We know how important trustful communication with other central banks is; it forms the basis for a well-functioning central banking system around the world. Especially in view of the current geopolitical challenges, close cooperation with our colleagues is something that we rely on.

We attach particular importance to interaction on a wide variety of issues. Our broad range of courses, on an array of topics, will hopefully strike a chord with central bank staff from different regions of the world.

We are planning to hold a total of 47 courses, of which 26 will be in person in Frankfurt and 21 will be online. As in the past, our range of courses covers all of the Bundesbank’s core business areas – cash management, financial and monetary systems, monetary policy, banking supervision and payment systems. 

In addition to a number of annually recurring topics, we are offering a number of new topics and some topics that did not feature last year.

These include the following courses:

  • Automation, digitalisation and sustainability concerning cash management
  • Banking supervision within the Basel framework (JVI & OeNB)
  • Combating counterfeit money by the NAC
  • Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting
  • On-site banking supervision
  • Regulation and supervision of non-financial risks
  • Strategic planning at central banks

We cordially invite all central bank colleagues from our partner countries to register for our courses. The number of places is again limited in order to facilitate optimal networking and a lively exchange of ideas, opinions and views. Why not take a moment now to visit our website, where you will find detailed information on all the courses and can register online. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

Text: Martine Niederkorn
Photo: Jan Eckert