The Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Cover: The Money museum
Money, whether in the form of banknotes, coins, or digital credits in our bank accounts, is at the heart of nearly everything we do in modern life. But we rarely give it any sustained thought. What, after all, is money, really? How does it work? Where does it come from? Who controls the banks? How does monetary policy work, and what roles do central banks play in its use?
Those questions and more are answered in this catalog to a new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Money at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt. More than five hundred illustrations trace the history and uses of money, while accessible texts explain its workings, the ways that money and its use have changed over time, and what it means for individuals, businesses, banks, and nations today.

The book is only available in bookshops at a price of 19.90 euros or in the Money Museum's shop for 10 euros.

  • ISBN-10: 3777428078
  • ISBN-13: 978-3777428079