(European) Labour Markets and the Economic Crisis

Since the beginning of the recent economic crisis employment in advanced economies has fallen strongly. However, developments across European countries differed markedly. Southern European countries, with higher structural unemployment already before the crisis, experienced further detoriations in labour markets, and unemployment is particularly high among specific segments, such as the young. By contrast, Germany observed a steady decline of unemployment rates, possibly the result of previous labor market reforms. These developments are a concern for central bankers as the divergencies in labor market performance pose ongoing challenges for the common monetary policy in the EMU.

Against this backdrop, the Institute of Employment Research (IAB) and the Deutsche Bundesbank hold a joint conference on the problems of the labour market performance during the crisis in Europe and also the U.S.

See the Call for Papers for details on the submission procedure.

Conference venue

Conference Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Erbacher Straße  18
65343 Eltville am Rhein