Regulating Financial Markets

The Conference on Regulating Financial Markets is jointly organised by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Goethe University Frankfurt/Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundation of Law and Finance, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). It was originally launched in Bonn in 2014 and brought to Frankfurt am Main in the last few years. The conference focuses on high-quality theoretical or empirical research papers on regulation of financial markets, especially covering topics on the link between financial intermediation and regulation (eg the evaluation of macroprudential tools and unconventional monetary policy on financial institutions, the effects of financial market regulation on the real economy, as well as the impact of regulation on competition among banks and other financial institutions).

In the meantime, the conference has become a forum for outstanding financial market research and has benefited from distinguished keynote speakers like Viral Acharya, Patrick Bolton, Claudia Buch, Douglas Diamond, Andreas Dombret, Martin Hellwig, Atif Mian, Amit Seru, Vikrant Vig, Felix Hufeld and Antoinette Schoar.