Spring Conference 2023 – Climate Change and Central Banks

Eltville am Rhein (hybrid event)

Climate change is one of the most challenging and dominating issues of our times, impacting the economy, society and the financial system. While protecting the environment is a task that falls to society as a whole, central banks need to factor in the effects of climate change on price stability and the stability of the financial system. In their role as regulators, central banks need to make sure that financial institutions take proper account of climate-related financial risks. In short, climate change affects the core tasks of central banks.

At the Spring Conference of the Deutsche Bundesbank, we will bring together researchers from academia, central banks and other policy institutions. We will discuss novel insights and research findings related to climate economics and the economic consequences of policies addressing climate change, but also to the economics of nature capital in a broader sense.

The two-day conference will feature keynote speeches by Geoffrey Heal from Columbia University and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg from the University of Chicago. The topics covered in academic sessions include:

  • climate change and price stability
  • climate change mitigation through financial markets
  • climate policy and financial frictions
  • climate change and innovation
  • climate change and inequality

The President of the Deutsche Bundesbank Joachim Nagel and Sabine Mauderer, member of the Executive Board of the Bundesbank and Vice-Chair of the NGFS, will open the conference with their introductory remarks.