Investment Funds Statistics (IFS-Base)

The IFS-Base is the core module of the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Investment Funds Statistics (IFS). Since September 2009 the IFS allows for a detailed overview of the assets and liabilities of German open-end investment funds on a fund-by-fund level. German investment management and externally managed investment companies report monthly micro data on the assets under management for around 6.300 investment funds. Among other things, reportings consist of every security held by the respective investment fund on a security-by-security basis. In addition, information on these securities are provided (e.g. ISIN, sector and country of the issuer etc.). 

For more information on the IFS-Base we recommend to take a look at the data report provided below.

Available modules

No subdivision of the dataset.

Units worth protecting

The reporting fund (Variable: “ISIN”) as well as superordinated funds. From the variables “HIERACHY” and “SUPF” it can be deduced whether there is a superordinated fund.