Credit register of loans of €1.0 million or more

Within the scope of the reporting framework for loans of €1.0 million or more, financial institutions in Germany are required to report loans that exceed a particular threshold (€1 million since 2015, before €1,5 million) within a quarter. The final level at the end of the quarter is reported. The credit register of loans of €1.0 million or more contains information on individual credit relationships on a lender-borrower-level such as loan size, information on the type of loan (on or off balance sheet) and provides various items of information on the lender and borrower (e.g. legal form, sector, information on whether the company became insolvent). Starting in 2008, the credit register of loans of €1.0 million or more also contains information on probability of default, specific allowance as well as collateral for loans. It is possible to apply for access to a subset of the credit register of loans of €1.0 million or more for research projects. The database starts in the first quarter 2002.

Available modules

No subdivision of the dataset

Units worth protecting

Both borrower (“annehmernr”) and lender (“agebernr”), including parent corporation if applicable with single borrower unit (“aknenr”) and lender group (“ageberkonzernnr”).