Securities Holdings Statistics (SHS-Base plus)

The SHS-Base plus is the extended core module of the Deutsche Bundesbank's Securities Holdings Statistics. Starting in December 2005 the Securities Holdings Statistics (formerly known as the Securities Deposits Statistics) include micro data on securities holdings. Financial institutions domiciled in Germany report securities which they hold for domestic or foreign customers. Furthermore, domestic banks provide information about their own holdings, irrespective of where the securities are held.

The reporting agents provide information on securities holdings (broken down by economic sector and investors' country of origin) as well as about the securities on a basis of the international securities identification numbers ("Security-by-Security"). The reporting scheme for securities holdings statistics comprises negotiable bonds and debt securities, negotiable money market papers, shares, participating certificates and investment fund certificates. The core module comprises a basic set of information on a security-by-security level including the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), the nominal amount or number of units held or the sectoral classification and residency of the holder. In January 2013, the statistics has been changed from a quarterly to a monthly survey frequency. Furthermore, the number of customer safe custody accounts is recorded, broken down by economic sector.

For more information on the SHS-Base plus we recommend to take a look at the data report provided below.