Off-site access Scientific Use Files (SUF)

If the microdata are provided as SUF, researchers can view and analyse these data outside the secure environment of the RDSC. SUF are standardised datasets that are compiled such that they cannot be traced back to individuals or households. This is generally made possible by summarising various observational units.

Once data access has been successfully approved, each data user must complete and sign the certification document and return it by post to the following address.

Deutsche Bundesbank
Forschungsdaten- und Servicezentrum
z. H. Naoual El-Ouche
Wilhelm-Epstein-Straße 14
60431 Frankfurt am Main

The data will then be provided as an encrypted, password-protected scientific use file. A data compression program (e.g. 7-Zip) is required to open the file. You will be informed of the password by telephone.