General information

Through the OpenMarket Tender Operations System (OMTOS), the Bundesbank offers bidders a modern, cost-effective, straightforward and user-friendly auction procedure that enables all potential bidders to participate in the ESCB´s open market tender operations and thus to obtain direct access to central bank money.

The OMTOS mailbox can be accessed via the OMTOS application. The Bundesbank can use this communication channel to make customer-specific data available to counterparties.

For the use of OMTOS management costs for the Internet connection are incurred by the counterparty. Additional charges for the account management on the platform TARGET2 depend on the respectively selected account model.

User-friendly execution of tender procedure

The auction procedure is now easier and more straightforward for bidders.

  • Comprehensive plausibility checks and user-friendly features enable bids to be tendered easily.
  • Bids can be tendered using optimised bidding screens while making full use of bidding deadlines as OMTOS has a synchronous response mechanism.
  • After submitting bids, the bidders are informed as to whether their bids were successful and have been fully entered into the system.
  • Bidders can access the allotment results immediately after the allotment decision has been made.
  • Bids can be viewed, altered and deleted at any time up to the close of bidding.
  • The system immediately informs bidders of the allotment results.
  • Once the allotment results have been posted, statistics may be obtained on one’s own bids and allotment results as well as on global bidding and allotment information for tenders that have already been processed.

Modern technical framework

OMTOS is based on the following technical framework

  • OMTOS is implemented as a Java-based web application using an HTML-frontend.
  • It is operable via browser only.
  • To participate in OMTOS with all its functionalities, all that is required is a standard PC equipped with standard software (operating system and browser).
  • The same access conditions are guaranteed for bidders from within Germany and abroad. Bidding from abroad previously had to be coordinated with Customer Services (OMTOS). (To participate in OMTOS, however, bidders must be domiciled or established in Germany).
  • OMTOS is bilingual (German and English).
  • State-of-the-art security standards ensure compliance with strict data protection requirements (confidentiality) and data security (authenticity and integrity).
  • A maximum level of availability is guaranteed.
  • All system components for which the Deutsche Bundesbank is responsible are redundant and physically separated.