Information for new customers

Any credit institution that is established in Germany and is required to maintain minimum reserves can, in principle, participate in the Eurosystem open market operations. A collateral account at the Deutsche Bundesbank is still absolutely essential as all Eurosystem liquidity-providing operations are based on underlying assets provided by the counterparties. OMTOS can be accessed via ExtraNet, the Bundesbank’s e-business platform. Your employees must be registered in order to do this.

Would you like to register for OMTOS? The procedure is as follows.

  • Please nominate suitably qualified members of your staff as specialist and technical contact persons for OMTOS. This is done by completing the reply form "OMTOS contact persons". We shall then inform the specialist and technical contact persons about all major developments relating to OMTOS.
  • Fax the completed reply form to the Customer Services Team (OMTOS) at our Frankfurt regional office (Hauptverwaltung Frankfurt).
  • The nominated contact persons will receive a written communication with check lists for first-time registration and for their initial logon to ExtraNet, as well as OMTOS documentation.

The next steps follow as soon as you have familiarised yourselves with the relevant documents under Downloads.

  • Register for the first time as an OMTOS user in ExtraNet for OMTOS. A check list will assist you.
  • We provide each authorised user with an individual non-transferable user ID, an initial password to access OMTOS and a brief set of instructions. When you log on for the first time, you have to change the initial password to your own personal password.
  • Now you can participate in the Eurosystem open market operations via OMTOS.

If you have any further questions about OMTOS or how to register for the first time, please contact the Customer Services Team (OMTOS). They will be happy to help you at any time.