Figurative mark of the ExtraNet

General information on ExtraNet

ExtraNet is the Bundesbank’s e-business platform.

Certain business processes provided by the Bundesbank’s business units can be carried out via ExtraNet. The number of specialised procedures and services on offer is constantly being expanded.

If you have any technical questions (communication problems, for example), please do not hesitate to contact the ExtraNet Call Centre, which is open from 6.00 to 18.00 on each bank working day except Saturdays and Sundays and those days indicated in the calendar of ECB holidays.

The Bundesbank's ExtraNet offers the following

Basis services

  • Picture: The Bundesbanks ExtraNet offers the followingFile transfer service for the secure uploading and downloading of files
  • User management for simple registration (online + standard letter)
  • ConTact for addressing, answering and managing queries

Additional services

  • Documentation
  • ExtraNet homepage your starting point for all questions about electronic business transactions
  • Call Centre

Special interactive services

  • Provision of different procedures

Secure basic infrastructure

  • Secure access
  • Secure basic communication infrastructure
  • Customer data protection

Customers access to ExtraNet

All services

  • Access via browser (browser encryption using SSL and https)
  • additional software or hardware required

Only file transfer service

  • In addition electronic access (batch access)
  • Additional software required