Within the framework of banking statistics, information on the assets and liabilities of all monetary financial institutions (MFIs) in Germany is collected on a monthly basis. In addition, more detailed information on important balance sheet items is obtained through quarterly surveys.

The aggregated figures are included – as the main purpose of their collection – in the German contribution to the consolidated balance sheet of the euro-area MFI sector. The extensive set of figures is also used for the purpose of presenting the full scope of banking business in Germany. Hence important balance sheet items, such as loans, are broken down by economic sector, branch and maturity.

The statistics on the banks' profit and loss accounts provide data on the income and expenditure of MFIs on an annual basis. The results are regularly published and analysed – usually in September – in an article in the Bundesbank's Monthly Report in order to give an overview of the performance of the German banking sector as a whole.

The figures relating to the monthly balance sheet statistics, the quarterly borrowers' statistics, the annual statistics of the banks' profit and loss accounts and the annual payments statistics are shown in a range of tables and corresponding time series.