Weekly activity index for the German economy

The weekly activity index (WAI) is an index designed to measure real economic activity in Germany in a timely manner. The index is based on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly indicators for the German economy.

Weekly activity index and GDP growth

Update as of 6 April 2021

  • For the week of 29 March – 4 April (week 13) the WAI stands at -0.7. The decline was thus lower than that in preceding week (previously -0.8).
  • The index value indicates that trend-adjusted economic activity (measured by the WAI) in the 13 weeks up to 4 April was 0.7 % below activity in the preceding 13 weeks.
  • The WAI-implied GDP growth rate for the last 13 weeks up to 4 April compared with the preceding 13 weeks is -1 %.

The next update is scheduled for 12 April 2021.


The WAI is still a work in progress; it is constantly undergoing revision and, when necessary, adjusted (see Methodology). The WAI is not an official forecast of the Deutsche Bundesbank or the Eurosystem.


Please cite this report as follows: 
Eraslan, S. and T. Götz (2020), An unconventional weekly economic activity index for Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank Technical Paper, 02/2020. Data retrieved from www.bundesbank.de/wai.