Dissemination practice and revision cycle

The Bundesbank produces the German monthly balance of payments, publishing the results in a press release and providing the time series on the internet. A more detailed technical and regional breakdown of the results is presented in Statistical Supplement 3 – Balance of payments statistics around five to six weeks after the end of the reporting month. The actual publication date for the monthly balance of payments replaces the no-later than date for publication and is announced in the release schedule no later than Friday of the previous week.

When the balance of payments data of the current reporting month are published, the corresponding data for the previous month are revised. Annual revisions for the previous reporting year and the three preceding years are made in the March Monthly Report. In the context of these retrospective monthly and annual revisions, consideration is given to late and correction reports as well as to more recent information from secondary sources, while preliminary estimates are either revised or replaced. Methodological adjustments, including those for earlier periods, are carried out at this point. Details on dissemination dates and revision policies are available for download.

The balance of payment statistics are published in the following formats:

  • Time series databases;
  • Press release;
  • Monthly Report;
  • Statistical Supplement 3 – Balance of payments statistics.