5 Euro collectors' coin "Subtropical climate zone" with an orange ring

2018 – Subtropical climate zone €5 collectors' coin with an orange polymer ring

The German government decided to mint a €5 collectors' coin “Subtropical climate zone” with an orange polymer ring, to be issued in April 2018. This coin is the second in a five-part “Climate zones of the Earth” series, with one coin to be issued per year from 2017 to 2021. The €5 collectors' coin “Tropical climate zone”, issued on 27 April 2017, was the first in this series.

The picture side was designed by artist Patrick Niesel from Schwaig in the district of Nuremberger Land. The reverse side image, which will feature on all the coins in this series, was created by artist Stefanie Radtke from Leipzig. The jury explained their decision as follows:

“This design is a convincing portrayal of the subtropics with their wet winters and Mediterranean climate. The flora and fauna typically found in this climate zone, such as domesticated goats and the shrubland which is shaped by their activities, are faithfully depicted. The orange ring surrounds a typical Mediterranean pasture with a view of the coastline and the sea. The centrally-positioned tree represents the many “umbrella-crowned” species prevalent in this climate zone. The artist has succeeded in replicating the narrative character of the first coin of the “Climate zones of the Earth” series – “Tropical climate zone” – and has seamlessly incorporated the reverse side image into the theme.”

The reverse features an eagle framed by the words “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND”, the value and denomination, the year 2018, the twelve stars of Europe and the mint mark “A” (Berlin), “D” (Munich), “F” (Stuttgart), “G” (Karlsruhe) or “J” (Hamburg), depending on where the coin was minted. 

Its smooth edge is embossed with the inscription “KLIMAZONEN DER ERDE”.

The 5 euro coin “Subtropical zone” consists of two different copper-nickel alloys and a translucent polymer ring. The coin weighs 9 g and was produced in both mint condition and with a proof-like finish.