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Climate zones of the Earth

Climate zones of the Earth

5 euro collectors' coin - colors of the "Climate zones of the Earth" series

The coins issued in the “Climate zones of the Earth” series



Farbe des

2017"Tropical climate zone"Red
2018"Subtropical climate zone"Orange
2019"Temperate climate zone"Green
2020"Subpolar climate zone"Turquoise
2021"Polar climate zone"Violet
Subject to change without notice

Source: Federal Ministry of Finance

The Federal Ministry of Finance is planning to issue a five-part series of €5 collector coins with a coloured polymer ring. The new series, entitled "Climate zones of the Earth", is thematically linked to the first innovative €5 collector coin "Planet Earth" (a global premiere with its blue polymer ring), which was issued in April 2016.

The series will begin in 2017 with a "Tropical climate zone" coin and conclude in 2021 with the "Polar climate zone". The polymer rings will be assigned colours according to the climatic conditions prevailing in the individual zones, based on the temperature colour scale: from hot (red) to cold (violet). Thus, a translucent red polymer ring has been selected for the "Tropical climate zone" coin which will be issued in 2017. Each of the five mints in Germany will mint the coin with a polymer ring in a different shade of red. The coin will have a total circulation of 2.3 million, 300,000 of which will be in collector quality with a proof-like finish.

The first coin in the new series is due to be issued in spring 2017. The mint condition coin will be brought into circulation via the Bundesbank branches at a face value of €5. The version with a proof-like finish will be available at a price above the face value at the collector coin outlet.

Series Data

Series theme

Climate zones of the Earth

Face value

5 euro
Series duration2017-21
Coin issue per year1

Date of issue

April 2017; exact date of issue not yet known


Copper-nickel materials, polymer

Minting qualities

Proof-like finish, mint condition


9 g


27,25 mm


Berlin (A), Munich (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg (J)


Total number of coins to be issued in 2017:
2.3 million (300,000 with a proof-like finish and 2 million in mint condition)
Subject to change without notice.
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