€5 Planet Earth collector coins with a blue ring ©Nils Thies

Collector euro coins

Since the introduction of euro banknotes and coins, a number of German euro collector coins have been issued every year, which are legal tender only in Germany. Issues of such coins in mint condition may be purchased at their face value at all Bundesbank branches from the date of issue for as long as stocks last. These coins are also available with a proof-like finish and may be obtained from the Münze Deutschland at a price higher than their face value. At the beginning of 2016, the €10 coins, which are popular especially among collectors, were replaced by collector coins with a nominal value of €20. These €20 collector coins are produced both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish and are made from a silver alloy (92.5% silver). The first €20 coin depicted “Little Red Riding Hood” from the fairy tale series of the Brothers Grimm.

2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the unification of Germany, and the Federal Government paid tribute to the occasion by issuing a new collector coin. The choice of nominal (€25) value marks this anniversary in a one-off issue, produced both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish by all five German mints.

Moreover, the Federal Government made a further addition to the coin collection programme for the first half of 2016 by introducing an innovative €5 “Planet Earth” collector coin. The coin consists of three components: an outer ring, an inner core as well as an embossable blue polymer ring inserted between the ring and the core. The blue ring is also partially translucent, which means that it is permeable to light. The coin was produced both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish by all five German mints. Starting in 2017, this coin programme will be continued with a series of innovative €5 collector coins centred on the topic “Climate zones of the Earth”. The first coin, which is dedicated to the subject “Tropical climate zone”, was issued in 2017 and features a red polymer ring.

In 2022, the €10 collector coin „Care“ with a colored polymer ring is the beginning of a five-part-series “In service of the society”. The €5 collector coin “Insects diversity” issued in 2022 as start of a nine-part series “Magic world insects” with part colored motifs.

The coin collection programme will be rounded off with a series of gold euro collector coins with a nominal value of €20, €50, €100 and €200. These may be purchased from the Münze Deutschland using a separate ordering procedure.

Further information as well as images and descriptions of these coins may be found on the website of the Münze Deutschland.